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Yo everybody! It sure has been a minute… So we think it’s about time for your boys Okay Okay! to climb out of hibernation and stretch those musical limbs of ours! How about… hmm, Tuesday maybe? Yeah, TUESDAY.

We’re thrilled to announce our theatrical debut at the one and only, legendary Casbash San Diego! Say whaaaaaat.

Tuesday, 10:45pm, Casbah… 45 MINUTE SET. We’ve got a well oiled beast of a live playlist for you, including TONS of new material, joints from our newly released EP Dear California (click for iTunes download link), and some classics to boot! So after we’re done with this place, they may just have to… Lock us up and throw away the key! (Obligatory cheesy joke? Check.)

Come celebrate your Tuesday with us, get belligerent with us, bring your mom. Let’s do this.


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Dear California, So Nice To Know You…


Hi everybody! Not much to update about on our end. Well, except for the fact that…

Our DEBUT EP “Dear California” drops on iTunes this Tuesday!

02/12 is the date ladies and gentlemen! And we could NOT be any more ecstatic. HOWEVER; the only way we could achieve an even more general stoked-ness on life is if you all decided to purchase this EP and tell your friends to do so as well. So, yeah… Do that!

We know money is tight – We definitely understand that for sure, and that’s why this little piece of gold is only $5… So instead of buying that beer or those munchies, you could spend that Lincoln on some outstanding new music to listen to! Why not cop some fresh jams that could possibly transcend the sea of monotonous and over-produced travesties they call music nowadays… While simultan...

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Ruby Room, Feb. 1st – Let’s make this HUGE!


IT’S ABOUT THAT TIME! Come join us for OkayOkay’s first show of the year over at our favorite venue ever- The Ruby Room! Make this show a night to remember with your attendance, and let’s completely burn the place down! (figuratively speaking, of course). Cheap drinks, live music, that whole grungey dive bar feel that you’ve been longing for… Not to mention new Okay Okay! jams that you’ll be able to hear live, with some oldies but goodies, of course.

Speaking of goodies – We have limited edition POSTERS we will give out to the first 50 people to show up & say our name at the door!

Attend this event on Facebook:

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Okay Okay! – “Dear California”


Our debut EP is dropping on February 12th! “Dear California” will be released for digital download via iTunes, Amazon, Google+ and other sites within the coming weeks, so keep your eyes and ears open and support us! Thank you!

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Okay Okay… Music Video?


That is a definite HELL YEAH! We will begin the adventure of recording of our very first music within the early coming months of 2013! We have selected our single, “I’m Not Addicted, I’m Committed!” to be the chosen one. Stay posted for more info soon, and until then; be sure to download the single off of our SoundCloud OR by clicking on the ‘Music’ tab of this page and begin your voyage to musically awesomeness!

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Bar 11 Comeback Show – Huge Success!


So, we never got to really thank everyone for the amazing turn out we had for our comeback show on 11/16/12… THANK YOU. We know you haven’t heard from us for a while, but we have our bead on for 2013 and we promise to make this year count. Do expect even more epic nights like this very soon my friends! And also, we’d like to send a very special thank you to Mr. Tim Fears for the photo work – Thank you sir!

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